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About ICCCOur Vision ¦ Our Purpose

What is the International Christian Chamber of Commerce – ICCC? Allow us to give you a more challenging interpretation: I Can Communicate Christ – in my business and my working life.


ICCC is soon a 30 years old dream of a worldwide growing people who know God and whose business and working lives are increasingly an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith, motivated by God’s love. A people who have been released into a new dimension of freedom and joy in their professional life, and are a blessing to the world by seeking God’s YES for the professional and working life.


Today we are living in very disruptive and challenging times. Almost everything is being shaken and at risk – the economic, environmental and social fabric of society is deteriorating.  God has called YOU to be part of the solution for this time! As you read this, people around the globe are literally being released from professional slavery into liberty, just like the Children of Israel were released from Egypt. Such slavery is characterized by striving for success through your own strength. But when they as a people crossed over the Jordan River into the land of milk and honey, they experienced a release into freedom and a higher dimension of faith. At the same time they experienced the need to be effective as an army and win the 39 battles ahead, to possess and cultivate the land and eat of its fruit. (Deut. 11:11-2, Josh. 5:12).


If you think this sounds strange or hard to understand, allow us to ask if you are:

  • Longing to serve God in your professional life and see His kingdom manifest through you?
  • Yearning to understand more of how to apply God’s word, His Yes and His ways and be led by the Spirit?
  • Looking to gain a clearer understanding our times? Its agenda and God’s purposes?