Our Purpose

Our Purpose - Why We Are Here

About ICCCOur Vision ¦ Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to encourage and equip Christians to experience a release into a new dimension of Faith, Hope, Love, and Freedom in their business and working lives… and to better understand our time… For individuals, businesses, nations, and the Body of Christ at large, we are committed to...”

We carry this out through…

  • Gatherings such as local, national, regional and international conferences, training seminars, leadership programmes and business development activities.
  • Encouraging strong relationships which inspire and nurture His Life within.

The ICCC will, wherever possible, seek to co-operate with and support the local church. Whilst much of our message relates to those in any kind of work, our focus is primarily on those with a calling to the business and commercial world. This will result in a clear proclamation and visible manifestation of the Kingdom of God in our time…

The unique difference between ICCC and most of the other market place ministries is our focus on seeking to understand and demonstrate how to merge this Walk of Faith – which requires hearing and obeying - with a professional and ethical approach to business.

Making God’s people – a different people:


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